Going on holiday again - Burglary prevention tips

Going on holiday again - Burglary prevention tips

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Burglary prevention tips


After this strange period in which Corona has kept us chained to our homes, many are more in need of a holiday than ever. Fortunately, it is possible again. The burglars' guild had a lean time because everyone was at home. The chance is high that the number of burglaries will increase because people are going outside in droves. Therefore, here are some tips for your burglary prevention check.

 Safe living is possible with these tips;


  1. Make yourself at home. With smart Wi-Fi lights, you can give the impression that you are at home. Create a schedule where lamps turn on when it gets dark and turn off when it's time to go to bed. This includes outdoor lights, bathrooms and bedrooms. Replace any 'dumb' lights with Smart ones and programme in switch-on and switch-off times. Make a group of several lamps so that you do not have to do the settings for each lamp separately. Hihome smart lights
  1. If you have table lamps that already contain several small LED lamps, for example, use a smart WiFi plug. Plugins also allow you to create groups and set schedules. They are actually the replacements for the old-fashioned time switches. Great for burglary prevention. Hihome Smart Plugs
  1. An alarm system is of course also an excellent burglar alarm. The disadvantage is that this often entails higher costs. You can also make it simpler by using wireless movement sensors and window / door contacts. This way you set up your own alarm system and get a notification on your smartphone when movement is detected or when a window or door is opened. So you can take action quickly. Simple and cost-effective burglar alarm for windows and doors. Hihome Sensors
  1. To remotely check whether everything is OK, you can use a Smart camera. This way you can see if everything is alright at home. You can also record images to local SD memory or cloud storage. Very safe and convenient. Remotely see if everything is alright at home. Great for your well-earned rest. Hihome Smart Cameras

 With Hihome products you can quickly, easily and inexpensively prevent burglaries and improve your sense of security and peace of mind. Start now and do your burglary prevention check so that when you're in the car on the way to your holiday destination, you have no worries. You can also quickly check whether you turned off the coffee machine, and if you didn't, you can still do that. Did you close the bathroom window? Hihome helps.


Have a nice holiday.