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Hihome Hihome Smart WiFi Plug Gen2 16A with energy meter WPP-16RHihome Hihome Smart WiFi Plug Gen2 16A with energy meter WPP-16R
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Hihome 3-pack Hihome Smart WiFi Plug Gen2 16A with energy meter WPP-16R-3-PackHihome 3-pack Hihome Smart WiFi Plug Gen2 16A with energy meter WPP-16R-3-Pack
Smart Plug WiFi 16A with energy meter - 3-pack - Hihome
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Hihome WiFi Smart Power Strip 16A - with energy metering and USB WPS-4UEMHihome WiFi Smart Power Strip 16A - with energy metering and USB WPS-4UEM

Energy monitoring with a smart plug

For many reasons, it can be interesting to know the power consumption of an appliance, lamp or device. It can be surprising to know how much or how little energy is consumed, and it gives a good insight into the costs and environmental impact of your household. Awareness can help you make better decisions.

Hihome Smart Plugs and Smart Strips have an Energy Monitoring chipset that continuously measures power consumption. When you use the Hihome App, you can read off the current and historical consumption in kWh. Also visible is the current voltage and usage in Watts.

Hihome helps you to reduce your consumption, save costs and help the environment.

Note: The measurement accuracy may have a deviation of 5%.


Time switches, timers, time switches or whatever they are called, we have known about them for many years, Hihome solves old inconveniences with a Smart Plug.

One of the biggest advantages of Smart plugs is avoiding the hunger of old-fashioned time switches. You operate and program a Smart Plug via an App on your smartphone. You can also combine several Smart Plugs in a group so that you can programme and operate everything at once. So get rid of those old timey clocks and make your life easy.

Set Schedule smart plug Hihome - Set timetable

And if you are not at home and still want to control or adjust the lighting, you can. Super convenient!


Control your devices with your Voice via Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri Shortcuts.

All Hihome devices work flawlessly with the well-known voice assistants from Google, the Google Assitant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri Shortcuts. Add the Hihome Action (Google) or Alexa Skill and say "Hey Google, turn on the coffee machine", or "Alexa,....".


You don't need a Bridge or Gateway, WiFi is 'all you need'.

WiFi is like running water, without it no life is possible. Hihome smart sockets use your WiFi so you don't need a separate box. Pairing is quick and easy. Please note that your Wi-Fi network only broadcasts on 2.4Ghz. Dual band WiFi (2.4+5Ghz) causes most smart devices to have unstable connections, which is why Hihome recommends 2.4Ghz only. For background information; read this article.


Fast and easy pairing via Bluetooth in Gen.2 products.

The latest generation, Gen.2 products, are equipped with a Bluetooth module. This module ensures that newly paired devices are quickly found and makes pairing even easier. Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone.