Save on your energy bill

Save on your energy bill

Hihome can help. Before you know where savings can be made, it is important to know what appliances consume. The old adage 'measuring is knowing' is now super topical. 

High energy prices

There seems to be no escaping it, rising prices for gas and electricity. It is often the talk of the day and people worry about the increasing costs. Often extreme!

That the price for our energy will fall soon is a vain hope, it seems. What can we do about it? Being frugal and saving is the wisest choice.

Hihome can help. Before you know where savings can be made, it is important to know what appliances consume. The old adage 'measuring is knowing' is now super topical. 


With a Hihome Smart plug or power strip you can see exactly what an appliance or a series of appliances are using. Often this leads to surprising discoveries.

An example:

Did you know that an A+++ heat pump dryer is about 60-70% more energy efficient that an "old" one. Measure it and you know it. With a Hihome Smart plug with energy metering you will find out.

Your floor heating pump can also use as much as 60 to 90 watts. 90 watts per hour! And that 365 days a year. That comes out to 790 kWh per year! You can easily save money by replacing the pump for an energy-efficient modern version. Savings up to 80% possible. But you can also choose (if your central heating system allows it) to turn off the pump in summer and in spring/autumn. And then to prevent the pump from getting stuck, it is advisable to let it run for 15 minutes every day. This is easy with a Hihome Smart Plug. Set a schedule and you're done. 

 " Summing up; If you turn off the underfloor heating pump for 4 months, June to September, you quickly save about 250 kWh. At a price of € 0.45/kWh that is a saving of € 112.50. That smart plug will pay for itself within a month!"

Did you know that many appliances still consume a lot of energy in standby mode? Only when you measure it do you know. Some Smart TVs and media boxes consume 15-20 watts unnoticed. That's almost 0.5 kWh per day without noticing. Often in the settings of these devices you can select an ECO mode which activates a 'deep-sleep'. How do you find out? Measure!

Use a Hihome Smart Plug with energy meter to find the standby consumers in your home and start saving. The small investment and effort will pay off quickly.


Many households (still) burn gas. Modern boilers are quite efficient but with the current gas prices it seems to become unaffordable. Saving money is the only way and that can be done easily. With a Hihome Smart Radiator Thermostat (TRV) you can easily prevent radiators from being turned on unnecessarily. Many heating systems work with a so-called heating curve. The temperature of the CH water adjusts itself according to the outside temperature. In itself this is very efficient, but if the radiators are left 'open' when you are not at home, you are actually heating for nothing.

This can be solved by using, among others, a Smart Radiator Thermostat. With this you simply set a desired schedule with the Hihome App. Are the children going to school? Then the radiator in their room can be lowered. Wednesday afternoon off, then up earlier. And if you really want to make it smart, you can use a motion sensor to make it super intelligent. Then the heating only turns on when you are there.


With a smart LED bulb , in addition to creating an atmosphere that suits the time of day, you can also save money. Why should lights burn unnecessarily? Set smart schedules is, dim the lights at times when you are not in a room, without losing comfort and safety.

Is it necessary for your outdoor light to always be on after dark? 

Or use the automatic on or off function based on the daily changing times of sunrise and sunset. All easily set up with the Hihome App, for a single or multiple lights at a time.

Consuming less is the best way to combat high prices, but with as little loss of comfort as possible. Hihome helps you save. 

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