Switching on devices based on sunset

Switching on devices based on sunset

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It can be very convenient to have all the lights in your house or in a room switch on automatically. Of course you can set a fixed time for a device or group to switch on, but it may be desirable to have this time adjusted according to the season. For example, on the basis of the daily varying time of sunset.

In the example below we show how to set this up. The goal is that the group of lights with the name Desk, automatically switch on 30 minutes before sunset. It is important that a location is set in the Hihome App as the location is decisive for the automatic determination of the sunset time per day.

The images in this example are screenshots in the Dutch language. If you have another language set up, it will be different in terms of language, but visually equivalent.

1. Kies in het hoofdscherm voor Scene 

2. Choose > Create Scene/or press +

3. In this example, we want to switch on according to sunset time, so we choose the Weather Change category.

4. Next, select Sunrise/Sunset.

5. Select Sunset > Choose 30 minutes before sunset to follow this example. In this example, the lamp turns ON 30 minutes before sunset. Of course, you can choose whatever you want. Note, choose your location. Your location determines the sunset schedule.

6. Now the trigger of the automation has been created. Next, choose what to do by clicking the + at Then.

7. In this example, we want a lamp to turn on > Run the device 

8. Select the appropriate lamp, or group, and select ON.

9. Now see the overview of the assignment you created. Choose save when you are satisfied.

10. Confirm your choice and start using.