Hihome WiFi Universal Smart Dimmer
Hihome WiFi Universal Smart Dimmer


Hihome WiFi Universal Smart Dimmer

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- Works with WiFi (2.4GHz only)
- No neutral wire needed
- Suitable for LED, Halogen and incandescent lamp
- Works manually, on remote control and Google Assistant and Alexa
- Fits on frames and knobs of various A-brands
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Do you have existing (non-smart) lights, spotlights or fixtures and want to switch and dim them intelligently? Then choose the Hihome WiFi Universal Smart Dimmer.

This Smart WiFi Dimmer replaces an existing switch or dimmer and makes it connectable. Operate by hand by pressing the button to switch on and off and rotating to dim. Just like a traditional dimmer. 

For this dimmer you need no Neural wire. 

Because the dimmer is connected via WiFi, you can also give instructions via the Hihome App (or other Tuya compatible Apps). Do you want to control with speech? That is also possible with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. "Hey Google, turn the chandelier on 50%.

The dimmer is suitable for LED lamps (if dimmable), halogen and incandescent lamps. 

In order not to disrupt the existing style of knobs in your home, you can combine this flush-mounted dimmer with frames and knobs from various A-brands such as Jung, PEHA, Busch-Jeager, Kopp, Merten, Niko, Gira and others.