2-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat V2
2-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat V2
Hihome 2-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat WZB-TRLV2
Hihome 2-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat WZB-TRLV2
2-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat V2
2-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat V2


2-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat V2

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- Affordable bundle with 2 pieces. Attention; Zigbee Gateway required
- Control your heating from anywhere with the Hihome App
- Earn back the purchase quickly through smart savings
- Also ideal with city or block heating
- Connection with very common M30x1,5mm ring. 4 adapters included.
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Smart programming helps you save energy.

  • With the Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Valve you can control the temperature in every room of your house. With the Hihome smartphone app you can program a time program and adjust the desired settings with one tap of a button.
  • Integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant or Apple Siri Shortcuts to use voice commands, or adjust manually with the control knob for the perfect temperature in every room.


  • Low power consumption: The Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Valve works on the long distance Zigbee wireless protocol and ensures a long battery life. The Smart Radiator Valve works up to two years on two AA batteries. 
  • Open window: If an open window causes a temperature drop of 4ºC within 6 minutes, the valve will automatically close. The optional motion or door/window sensor will also prompt the Smart Valve to close if it senses a temperature drop.

  • Works with your home: The Hihome Radiator Thermostat uses a very common 30x1.5mm connection and has four adaptor rings for a perfect fit on almost every valve.

  • Anti-block function: Thermostat valves have a tendency to stick after periods of inactivity. The Hihome Smart Radiator Valve opens automatically every 14 days when not in use to prevent clogging.

  • DHS compatible: Works with European district heating systems.


What's in the box?

  • 2 pieces Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat
  • 2x Four adapter rings
  • Quick start guide



Attention! : A Hihome or Tuya-compatible Zigbee gateway is required to operate this Smart Thermostat. A gateway is not included in this package.

You can use a separate Hihome Zigbee gateway purchase or a starter kit.

For fitting instructions, please refer to Hihome support.

View the compatibility list to see which radiator valves are compatible with the 30x1.5mm connection as standard or with one of the 4 adapters provided. 

The Hihome Smart Zigbee Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit does not control the central heating.

This smart radiator thermostat is similar to the SEA802.

Hihome Smart products are compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. 5GHz networks or dual-band SSIDs are not supported. Visit Hihome support for specifications and more information.

Customer Reviews

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Eenvoudige installatie

Installatie is super simpel en werkt uitstekend.
Bediening is eenvoudig. Absoluut waarde voor je geld.
App is spartaans maar doeltreffend.

Lennart Svensson

4-Pack Hihome Smart Zigbee Smart Radiator Thermostat V2

Ronald Timmerman
Prima radiator thermostaten

Zeer tevreden over de HiHome radiator thermostaten. Voor de punten die niet voldoende duidelijk waren in de help-pagina's heeft Sjoerd me steeds snel geholpen.

Wim Veenink
Thermostatic faucet

Works fine overall well.
Only battery status is sorely missed.
At some point these (battery) were dead and faucet supply stop open after that.

Sustainable smart

By using smart thermostats, I can sustainably control the temperature in rooms that only need some heat at certain times. This is sustainable in terms of our climate and sustainable in terms of it being fully automatic and hence sustainably smart